Calle Dao (New York, NY)

Calle Dao (New York, NY)
Lechon Asado (Roasted Pig with fried rice style quinoa and ginger-cilantro sauce)

My wife and I recently stopped in Manattan to meet up with some friends. We met up at a restaurant called Calle Dao for lunch. Calle Dao is located on West 39th Street in Midtown and serves a unique fare of Cuban-Chinese fusion. I’ve never thought of this fusion prior to eating at Calle Dao, but once hearing about it, I was quite intrigued. Everything on the menu is either a Cuban dish with a Chinese touch or vice versa, combining ingredients to make some very interesting flavors.

For lunch I had the Lechon Asado consisting of roasted pig with fried rice style quinoa, and ginger-cilantro sauce. The roasted pig was prepared nicely with a vinegary asado taste. The quinoa had the consistancy of a complementary fried rice and the ginger-cilantro sauce gave the dish its touch of Chinese flavors. I washed all this down with a Presidente Beer from the Dominican Republic.

I greatly enjoyed this restaurant and would love to come back to it again, particularly to try the dinner menu.